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May 14, 2010

Warehousing and logistics centers

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LIDL Picks Orders With Schaefer Case Picking System

The food trade company is the first German discounter who opted for the innovative order-picking system by SSI Schaefer

The food trade company LIDL expands its logistics center in Kirchheim/Teck by an automated order-picking warehouse. SSI Schaefer Noell of Giebelstadt was awarded the contract for the logistics components. The intralogistics specialist will establish an amply dimensioned high bay warehouse with five aisles and approximately 15,000 pallet storage positions as well as equip it with the respective pallet conveyor technology. Next to it, a tray-warehouse (STS) with approximately 16,000 storage positions on five levels will be built. It serves to buffer the items by layer after the pallets passed through automatic de-palletizing in goods receiving.

The Schaefer Case Picking (SCP) with its order-related picking of individual packages in parallel multi-access mode provides for efficient order-picking processes. In view of transport as well as replenishment in the stores, the system guarantees ideally packed pallets. Up to 70,000 packages a day are processed that way. Despite the high order picking performance, the system ensures gentle handling of all items.
Civil works have already started and are to be completed in just under two years.

lidl picking system


Improved throughout, operating efficiencies and stock management, together with significant cost savings, are some of the benefits from a new automated warehouse, opened recently by Coca-Cola Enterprises and designed, manufactures and installed by FKI Logistex.

The facility provides on-site storage for the first time at CCE’s Edmonton production unit, eliminating double-handling operations when shipping stock off-site to local warehouses. The unit, which has 25,224 pallet locations, is designed to accommodate future expansion of the factory to meet sales growth forecasts.

The warehouse is linked to five bottling production lines, handling primarily 500-ml and 2-litre plastic bottles of soft drinks for customers throughout London and the south of England and can receive 200 pallets and despatch 300 pallets every hour. Interfaced to the CCE host WMS, the Logistex Warehouse System handles every movement from receipt to despatch.

Following CCE’s philosophy of never stopping production, FKI Logistex employed its handling technologies, plus testing and simulation, to meet targets of 98.5 per cent to 100 per cent full system availability and 65 per cent throughput even when “down”. The resilient overall design avoids risk of single failure points.

coca cola sources


This is an automated retrieval system which gives solutions to high density storage. It has a sofisticated degree of automation, with a high number of simultaneous movements, in vertical and horizontal axis at the same time.



BonnySA is a company dedicated to exportation of tomatoes, which has introduced an automated warehouse for pallets.

Since they have implemented the system they have increased the product control.


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